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Beginners Guide To Financial Planning


Financial planning is the most important step that you will take in your life. But it’s not just a step but a process, that will help you improve your financial position. From investment to savings, you need to be thorough in your approach. However, before you go and invest money you need to take a look at certain things. The first thing you should understand that money is the central part of any investment plan and you need to learn how not just to save it but to utilize it. This will determine how you are going to assess and improve your financial position.

Know the position:

The first step of financial planning is to understand the image of your financial position. Don’t hesitate and keep in mind your savings and expenditure. You also need to determine the things you want to achieve. Don’t consider the borrowed money but make a rough count of the money you have and you need.


Money is the central thing of everything and if you want to invest, you surely need that. To understand how much can you afford to invest in the market and know that it should not affect your life. If you have any heavy debts, it’s better to pay them off. This is the first thing you should do before investing.


Understand the market:

You can’t jump into the market without knowing what you are into. Though there are people who can tell you about it, you will also need to understand the things that affect it. You have to understand the amount of risk there is in a particular kind of investment and which one is the best for you. This can only be achieved when you have understood all of the risks.

Emergency fund:

Things are unprecedented in life and when you decide that you want to give investing a try, one of the foremost things you should do is to create an emergency fund. The purpose of this should be to hold you and support you just in case you are going through a bad time. The fund should be sufficient to support you for at least some months. You can create a savings account for that.

Emergency fund


The nature of the investment depends upon the amount you have at hand. You have to make sure that the investment you are doing is the best for you. This you can understand by learning about the market. You can take the help of the internet as well as any expert you might know, but keep in mind that you have to make your own decision. That is for you to decide.


Whatever steps you take should be taken only after understanding. There should be no space for any superstition. You should understand the measures you are taking. So make up your mind and don’t hesitate to start.



Planning is a complex matter but at the same time, it’s easy. You have to take into account all the things that can affect your investment and what best would be than to learn and educate yourself about the market.